Sharutan is a play on my name (Chantal) in Japanese which is pronounced Shan-ta-ru. In Japanese an "r" sound is pronounced somewhat like an "l". It's very similar to how they pronunce their "r's" in spanish. Somewhere between and "l" and a "d". Try rolling your "r" and see if you can do it!

Due to a bad breakout I had in February, I've piqued an interest in skincare and nutriton. I'm really interested in learning more about the products we use everyday and how to treat your body! Recently. I've been watching youtube videos on skincare made by youtuber Liah Yoo. Her channel is super informative and she backs up all her facts and advice through scientific research. Check her out if you are interested!

Besides my newfound interest in skincare I really enjoy learning Japanese and Korean, eating asian cuisine, and learning about new cultures. I'm also pretty obsessed with comics and anime. I hope to share more of my interests and hopefully educate you all a little about skincare and asian culture!